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Christmas Everyday Club

Jay Roberts

Hello and welcome to the Christmas Everyday Club podcast. This new channel is for Christmas movie lovers like me who want to talk about all things Christmas movies. The good and the bad. Now, It will be mainly talking about Christmas movies but there will be times when I talk about other Christmassy related things. Now a little about me. I am a single dad to two teenage boys and ever since they were babies, I have tried so hard to make Christmas as magical and amazing for them as I could. Now as they are more grown-up and too cool for Santa, we decided to create the Christmas Everyday Club. A place for Christmas lovers to enjoy all things Christmas all year long. I run a website as well as all the social media pages connected to the Christmas Everyday Club including a YouTube channel and a Facebook group. I share fun posts, interesting posts, news, videos, and anything related to Christmas. I post about the Christmas movie that I will be watching that night and then decided I should talk about it as well as write about it on my blog. This way is best for everyone who might be interested in Christmas movie reviews. So here I am. If you are a Christmas lover like me, please stick around and join the Christmas Everyday club. Thank you and until next time, Goodbye