Christmas Everyday Club

A Double Christmas Treat

November 01, 2023 Jay Roberts Season 1 Episode 2
Christmas Everyday Club
A Double Christmas Treat
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Show Notes

Hello and welcome to "Christmas Everyday Club." I'm your host Jay, the geeky dad, and here we dive into the fascinating world of movies. But we're not just talking; we're having a fun and interactive journey through the world of cinema. Christmas style!

I talk about all things Christmas movies, I give away Christmas movie related printables such as wordsearches, cross words, activity sheets, puzzles, quizzes and more Christmas goodies.

If you have a suggestion let me know and if I can make it, it’s yours, that’s how this works.

 There is another podcast that I do too about  movies, so if you enjoy movies and can put up with listening to me, its called Movies Games Beyond.

 Now in todays show, I will be talking about the Christmas movie challenge.

If you want to get in touch email me Join the Facebook Group to share and talk movies plus get the free printables I create. Movies Group Share the podcast with your friends and lets grow this community.

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