Christmas Everyday Club

A Christmas Wedding Dud?

November 10, 2023 Jay Roberts Season 1 Episode 6
Christmas Everyday Club
A Christmas Wedding Dud?
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Show Notes

Hello and welcome to another episode. Today is me going off script and babbling on.

Question of the day - Do you buy a real tree or a fake? Which one?

Go to the Christmas Everyday Club Forum and let us know your stories.

If you want some free printables such as colouring pages, activities and more, then head on over to the Christmas everyday club website and enjoy.

There is another podcast that I do too about  movies, so if you enjoy movies and can put up with listening to me, its called Movies Games Beyond.

Thanks to all of you for supporting this podcast as we are number for on Christmas movies podcasts and if you would like to check out the list with some awesome podcasts on, please click the link here

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